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I am always concerned in relationships, when that corner is turned and the fiery lust seems to be easily replaced with “later” or “after….” or “I’m too tired”.

I feel like a young boy who wants his candy in a shopping centre, and rather than screaming for it… you grow up, and stop asking… but you…

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"Caring what other people think isn’t a weakness. Being aware of what other people think, and seeking to change it for greater compassion and understanding, is a god damn survival skill."
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"And poly people may be underground but we don’t face violence and discrimination on anywhere near the level gay people do. Nonetheless, I do think that the model of going from shame to pride, of changing people’s perspective from “that’s a perversion” to “that’s a relationship” could be a valuable one for polyamory. And not just for outsiders. For poly people ourselves."

From The Pervocracy: Internalization. 

And my response:
I definitely think so. Poly people may not face violence but there are definitely horror stories of poly people who have been together a long time but because the law does not recognise polyamory, when one partner dies, this really fucks things up in regards to inheritance, what happens with the children, so on. It’s scary. 

Poly people need recognition because poly relations need protecting and legitimising. My partner can’t be open about our relationship being poly because of the discrimination and problems he could face at work. That’s not violence, but it’s certainly something that could really effect our lives and everything we’ve been working so hard for.

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