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I am an obsessive collector of colourful, kitschy, creepy, sexy, beautiful, surreal images, not to mention eclectic science, feminist, gender, animal rights, music... stuff. I'm a hoarder of random images and information and I have an almost overwhelming desire to share it all with everyone. Tumblr is a dumping ground for my various interests.

Early this month, I went as a visiting artist to my old art school for a week. In the first three days, I did an installation in a little hallway there (had originally planned to use a gallery space but there were timing issues so I had to reconfigure my ideas to work in the hallway space instead). I basically had to create everything in the installation from scratch including the slime/landscapes, painted walls, painted soft sculptures etc. I consider the work “unresolved” but it was a good opportunity to play and experiment and there’s things happening in it that I like.

Check the rest of the photos out here.

All things considered, not bad for three days of art making, I guess?

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We miss you magic land! by Perth-based artist duo Pip & Pop (Nicole Andrijevic and Tanya Schultz) is a series of large-scale fantasy worlds, created from intricate layers of fluorescent-coloured sugar. We miss you magic land! makes reference to children’s stories, creation myths, Buddhist cosmologies,video games and folktales. Adopting the expression ‘more is more’, Pip & Pop have transformed hundreds of objects and craft materials into beautiful, glittery worlds using cake decorating tools.

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