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I am an obsessive collector of colourful, kitschy, creepy, sexy, beautiful, surreal images, not to mention eclectic science, feminist, gender, animal rights, music... stuff. I'm a hoarder of random images and information and I have an almost overwhelming desire to share it all with everyone. Tumblr is a dumping ground for my various interests.
"Caring what other people think isn’t a weakness. Being aware of what other people think, and seeking to change it for greater compassion and understanding, is a god damn survival skill."
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"Fighting this attitude without looking paranoid or accusatory (“any guy could be a rapist” seems to hit some ears as “every guy is a rapist”) is tricky. But it’s necessary. It’s necessary to prevent rape—to teach people that they do have to worry about whether they, personally, are getting consent, even though they are nice people. And it’s necessary to punish rapists—to break down that mental barrier protecting Julian Assange and Roman Polanski and umpty-zillion sports players, the one that says “a likeable person who’s done good things can’t possibly commit rape.” Finally, it’s necessary to stop blaming survivors for not having the psychic powers to know they were going to be assaulted."
The Pervocracy - Slavering Beast Theory.  

On the idea that rape and abuse are about “bad people” rather than bad acts.
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"Women are half of everybody. I hope I live to see the day when we’re half of the people who get talked about and written about, too."
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